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Authorized Venice travel guide, and travel assistant in ItalyNataliya Dmytruk, Venice, Italy-30100,  (+39) 340 7342565Veniceguide of Venice, guided tour of Venice, authorized english venice guide, travel assistant in Italy, Venice guide.

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My names is Nataliya Dmytruk,

I am originally from Ukraine where I graduated with a degree in Ukrainian, English language and literature. authorized venice guideI moved to Venice 15 years ago and I’ll never forget my first impression of the city: there was water everywhere and the beautiful though crumbling

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Nataliya Dmytruk

palaces of marble and brick seemed to grow directly out of the water; gondolas and other boats, both big and small, were skimming along the canals.burano About me - Your Venice guide

I felt attraction, happiness and great curiosity about the city. Yet at the same time I wanted an explanation for a simple question: how could people live here?

My first guide around the city was my husband, who was born and had always lived in Venice. Since I have always been interested in history I have never stopped studying it.

I soon passed the exams to become a tour-guide or a travel assistant in Italy.

This job was very interesting but I wanted more. My dream was to become a touristic guide of Venice, to be able to provide good sightseeing tours as well as to guide visitors inside the museums, churches and palaces of Venice.

I took private lessons for four years with Marina Bizio Crivellari,
grand_canal About me - Your Venice guidea scholar of the history of Venice, and with art historian Gabriella Niero. After passing the incredibly hard examinations set by the Province of Venice,  I became an authorized tourist guide of Venice.

Every day I meet different people from different countries and I’m proud to share with them my love of Venice and my knowledge of its history.